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Order Process

Once you are ready to order, we will review each step of the process with you so you know exactly what to expect and when. We have simplified the process for easy, stress free, and enjoyable experience. There are only few easy steps to follow:

It’s that easy. And within days you will have your custom designed dream kitchen counter tops installed. Call today for a free Consultation (630) – 268 – 7866

Step By Step Order Process

  • Customer visits the showroom

  • Customer provides cabinet layout

  • Color selection by customer

  • Estimate approval by customer

  • Cabinet Installation by customer

  • QGM visit for template & measurement

  • QGM schedules the production

  • QGM schedules installation within 7 days

  • Customer satisfaction after install

  • Completion of project

Step By Step Measurement Process

  • Customers place a call for measurement once all cabinets are placed in position & installed.

  • QGM schedules a measurement visit within 48 hours of customers request for measurement.

  • QGM measurement experts check the level of, cabinets check the walls etc.

  • Prepare templates for odd shapes

  • Fax Final Measurement For Customer Approval

  • Final Approval From Customer

  • Counter tops installation by QGM within 7 days

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